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Our Service

Our aim is to provide a friendly supportive and professional service for executors and next of kin. If you have recently lost a loved one we offer a free initial consultation, by appointment. This can take place at our office or at your home.

During the consultation we will explore the practical steps that should be taken and help you decide the service you would like depending on how involved you need us to be. Our advice will ensure that administration proceeds efficiently so that distributions to beneficiaries can be made as stress free and as quickly as possible. We will provide you with a broad estimate of the likely fee and time-scales for each stage depending on the size and nature of the estate, assets, liabilities and provisions of the will.

Our experienced team deals with all aspects relating to probate and advise clients on the administration of an estate which entails the following:

Ascertain and secure all assets belonging to the Deceased

Obtain a Grant of Probate or letter of administration of there is no Will;

Prepare tax returns and Inheritance tax;

Realise the Assets and pay all liabilities;

Account to the Executors and distribute the Estate to the Beneficiaries according to the Will or intestacy laws if there is no Will.

Our service involves obtaining valuations of all of the assets of the estate and submitting to the Inland Revenue; applying for the Grant of Probate if a Will exists or the Letters of Administration if the estate is 'intestate' (no Will). Lastly, gathering all the assets of the estate and then distributing these according to the Will or according to Intestacy Rules, as the case may be.

We can take on the whole estate Administration process alternatively we can deal with limited aspects of the work, such as dealing with the Inheritance Tax forms or estate accounts.

Please call us today for advice and a no obligation quote.